Starter Success

Once I started using Spring water in my sourdough starter it was on like popcorn! I actually made two loaves of bread from starter I made myself. I feel good about that.


My first sourdough starter is finally bubbling up and smelling delicious. I’m so excited that it’s coming along. I thought for sure that I would never get the hang of it and not get to taste the delightful bread made from homemade sourdough starter. I had read on some sites that tap water would be ok to use in the starter. I had misgivings at first, but I went with it and the result was flat sourdough.

Last night I decided to go with spring water and started mixing in whole wheat flour to my all purpose flour. The result was immediate. The starter doubled in an hour. When I fed it this morning about three hours later the starter had tripled! I can’t wait to make bread with my very own starter.

While tweaking my own starter recipe I decided to go online and buy a more proven starter. I found on Ebay a yeast starter with history dating back to the 1600’s and also 3000 b.c.  The Ebay seller is Cannahunter.  He sells lots of different sourdough starters. His customer service was great and I got my yeast quickly through the mail. I would definitely recommend him to those looking for different types of starters.

Bread Maker

It appears I’ve become a bread maker. Recently I’ve started baking my own breads. I began with the no knead method. I’ve since moved to methods from the book “Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast” by Ken Forkish. I have to say I love making bread. I’m just over the moon trying new ways to make bread and developing new flavors.


Forkish Method Bread Forkish Method Bread2

The above two loaves are the Saturday Overnight White by Ken Forkish. I took them past the blonde point as was suggested in the book to develop deeper flavors in the bread. They were so delicious. I posted them on my Twitter account and tagged Mr. Forkish. He actually liked my Tweet! Wow how unbelievable that such a knowledgeable artisan bread maker would like my Tweet! I’m looking forward to making many many more loaves of bread.

Also please feel free to follow me on Twitter @SimplyStacieB.


This time of transition for me has been difficult. I’m trying to change careers and go from nursing to information technology. I’m going deeper into my walk with the Lord. I’ve been regularly attending The Vineyard Church TriCounty location. I love having that time to worship my Lord and Saviour every Sunday. It just fills my spirit.

I’m still waiting to see if another Software Testing class is going to start this year through Per Scholas. Per Scholas is just an awesome organization doing great things for communities that surely could use it. I really hope to be able to attend the class. In the meantime I’m going to enroll in the Girl Development It Beginner Programmer class to try and get a better grasp on come basic concepts of programming. They are having a Beginner HTML/CSS course too but, I’m not going to be able to make that one. I know it is going to be great.


New Life

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. But I know I’m rounding the corner now. Things are looking up for me and I look forward to posting on my blog again. God demanded my attention and now he has my full undivided attention. I’m walking in a new direction towards Christ and so yes that will be a big part of my blog because that is my life. So fair warning to anyone reading, yes I believe in God and Jesus Christ. Yes I will be posting about the Holy Spirit at I’m moved by it. I respect all other religions and ask anyone reading or posting here to respect mine. Thank you.

Project Progress

Well my gallery ledges are moving along. My dear husband has been there to help me with the little hiccups I’ve encountered. For example I learned the hard way that when applying the trim do the shorter side first because if you start with the longer side you won’t be able to angle the drill correctly. Such is life. I have one more ledge to make before I start the finishing process. I’ll try to snag some photos.

Baby steps into woodworking.

Before I start this quick update I would just like to say Happy Birthday to my mom, Pam. We’ve been going through it but things are looking up.
Now, for what I’ve been up to. Yesterday I bought a handsaw. I already own a circular saw but what the heck one cannot have too many saws/tools. My husband thinks I’ve gone tool crazy. I probably have
There are just so many things you can do yourself and so many tools to make it easier. I own a Kreg jig and I’ve been wanting to make the gallery ledges from Ana Whites plans for a long while. So why not?
Absolutely no reason not to so I finally started the project last night. I think my boys were happy to see mom doing something. I got to use my muscle with my new handsaw and this afternoon I got to bust out the Kreg jig and make pocket holes. Up next construct the actual ledges.


So I’ve always wanted a blog. Then after years of wanting it I jumped in with both feet and just did it. And now I’m at a place wondering what in the world is this blog going to be about?
I don’t want to bore anyone with the humdrum of my life. However I do want to share things that are going on with me and my family. How can I do this in a way that allows me to express myself, entertain an audience, and contribute something back to the world that could be helpful to others?
I feel I need to tighten up this blog. It needs direction and purpose. Whatever I choose to blog about will obviously have been done before, I just want to put my own spin on it for the world. I have some soul searching and researching to do. If anyone reads this and has a successful blog I would love any input. Thanks.

Family Fun At The Reds Opening Day Parade

Me and the family had a great time at the Reds Opening Day Parade this year. We had a good spot. Although there will be some tweaks for next year. Like, SEATS! I can’t believe between a nurse mother and a germophob father we allowed them to sit on the street. But we all had a good time and no one is sick so…. We’ll chalk it up as a lesson learned and be better prepared next year. I’d also like to actually go to the game next year.


Fun at the Opening Day Parade 2016

Pregame smiles for Aaron in the car.


Having a great time on the street. I can’t believe I let them sit there.


I had a hard time getting Aiden to smile for this.


My niece/daughter Muriah is my ham bone.


Best seats in the house. I had to edge out some old guy for the spot though.


My little cutties!!!


Hello world. Meet Moody Aiden. Gemini all day.


I can’t remember what was eating Aiden in this picture. Believe it or not, he had the most fun of us all at the parade.


Three dollar cotton candy is the best.


A little cotton candy turns that frown upside down.


Aaron playing it cool.

Outside the Comfort Zone

So as mentioned earlier I have a ton of things I’m very interested in learning. Well one of my interest is about to go from thought to reality tomorrow. I’ll be taking a Woodshop Basics class at The Manufactory this Saturday.
I am beyond excited and nervous. I only know one person who builds things with wood and that is my husband’s uncle Jim. I don’t know any women who are remotely interested in the craft. I personally like all things DIY. I have found a community of people who craft with wood online. Ana White is my woodworking Shero! I love all of her furniture plans online. She taught herself how to build wood crafts just like I intend on doing myself.
I’m going to start slow as my habit in the past has been to try and rush things and then nothing gets accomplished. Ana White has a plan posted on her website for gallery ledges. It is the perfect beginner project and I’m going to venture into the DIY world with this first project. I have all the tools needed and after my wood shop class I’m going to tackle it. I can’t wait to post pictures on my blog.
Gallery ledges coming soon!