Project Progress

Well my gallery ledges are moving along. My dear husband has been there to help me with the little hiccups I’ve encountered. For example I learned the hard way that when applying the trim do the shorter side first because if you start with the longer side you won’t be able to angle the drill correctly. Such is life. I have one more ledge to make before I start the finishing process. I’ll try to snag some photos.

Baby steps into woodworking.

Before I start this quick update I would just like to say Happy Birthday to my mom, Pam. We’ve been going through it but things are looking up.
Now, for what I’ve been up to. Yesterday I bought a handsaw. I already own a circular saw but what the heck one cannot have too many saws/tools. My husband thinks I’ve gone tool crazy. I probably have
There are just so many things you can do yourself and so many tools to make it easier. I own a Kreg jig and I’ve been wanting to make the gallery ledges from Ana Whites plans for a long while. So why not?
Absolutely no reason not to so I finally started the project last night. I think my boys were happy to see mom doing something. I got to use my muscle with my new handsaw and this afternoon I got to bust out the Kreg jig and make pocket holes. Up next construct the actual ledges.