Bread Maker

It appears I’ve become a bread maker. Recently I’ve started baking my own breads. I began with the no knead method. I’ve since moved to methods from the book “Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast” by Ken Forkish. I have to say I love making bread. I’m just over the moon trying new ways to make bread and developing new flavors.


Forkish Method Bread Forkish Method Bread2

The above two loaves are the Saturday Overnight White by Ken Forkish. I took them past the blonde point as was suggested in the book to develop deeper flavors in the bread. They were so delicious. I posted them on my Twitter account and tagged Mr. Forkish. He actually liked my Tweet! Wow how unbelievable that such a knowledgeable artisan bread maker would like my Tweet! I’m looking forward to making many many more loaves of bread.

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