As I sit here crafting my very first blog entry I am both excited and terrified. I’m in a state of disbelief that I finally created a blog and nervous about what this means. Now I will began to post articles and items that are about me and the life I wish to live and I’m inviting the public to witness it all.
I’m only human there will be a lot of mistakes and missteps along the way. Will anyone even want to read about me and my family and our interest? Will the grammar mistakes I’m sure to make put people off? Will I be boring? Who knows I suppose.
The whole purpose of this blog is for me to figure out how to simply start living my life. I’ve become so concerned with public opinion that it has literally crippled my ability to go after my dreams. I don’t even recognize the person I’ve become, but I’m ready to transform into the person I’ve always known I could be.
I’m done be fearful.


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