Outside the Comfort Zone

So as mentioned earlier I have a ton of things I’m very interested in learning. Well one of my interest is about to go from thought to reality tomorrow. I’ll be taking a Woodshop Basics class at The Manufactory this Saturday.
I am beyond excited and nervous. I only know one person who builds things with wood and that is my husband’s uncle Jim. I don’t know any women who are remotely interested in the craft. I personally like all things DIY. I have found a community of people who craft with wood online. Ana White is my woodworking Shero! I love all of her furniture plans online. She taught herself how to build wood crafts just like I intend on doing myself.
I’m going to start slow as my habit in the past has been to try and rush things and then nothing gets accomplished. Ana White has a plan posted on her website for gallery ledges. It is the perfect beginner project and I’m going to venture into the DIY world with this first project. I have all the tools needed and after my wood shop class I’m going to tackle it. I can’t wait to post pictures on my blog.
Gallery ledges coming soon!

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