My first sourdough starter is finally bubbling up and smelling delicious. I’m so excited that it’s coming along. I thought for sure that I would never get the hang of it and not get to taste the delightful bread made from homemade sourdough starter. I had read on some sites that tap water would be ok to use in the starter. I had misgivings at first, but I went with it and the result was flat sourdough.

Last night I decided to go with spring water and started mixing in whole wheat flour to my all purpose flour. The result was immediate. The starter doubled in an hour. When I fed it this morning about three hours later the starter had tripled! I can’t wait to make bread with my very own starter.

While tweaking my own starter recipe I decided to go online and buy a more proven starter. I found on Ebay a yeast starter with history dating back to the 1600’s and also 3000 b.c.  The Ebay seller is Cannahunter.  He sells lots of different sourdough starters. His customer service was great and I got my yeast quickly through the mail. I would definitely recommend him to those looking for different types of starters.

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